Surface magneto-optic Kerr effect system

The surface magneto-optic Kerr effect (SMOKE) system offered by Dexing Magnet is a high-sensitivity magnetometer. The hysteresis loop of the sample can be obtained by detecting the change of reflection intensity on the surface of the magnetic sample, and the Kerr angle and ellipsometry of the sample can be calculated by the hysteresis loop.

The advantages of the surface magneto-optic Kerr system over other magnetic measurement systems are as follows: the single point of micromagnetism of the sample can be tested and the anisotropy of the material can be easily tested. The surface magneto-optic Kerr effect (SMOKE) system is used to study magnetic thin films. Magnetic nanostructures and magnetic anisotropy are idea tools.


Testable Material

1. Recording magnetic head;
2. Magnetic film;
3. Special magnetic medium;
4. Magnetic field sensor.


1. Magnetic nanotechnology;
2. Spintronics/magnetoelectronic;
3. Magnetic random access memory.


Basic Functions

1. Kerr effect test of longitudinal, transverse and poloidal.
2. 360-degree electric rotation sample, the anisotropy of the sample can be tested.
3. The Kerr effect at different points on the surface of the sample can be measured by manual displacement of sample, both left and right and up and down.
4. The sample holder is provided with an electrical interface, and a magnetoelectric coupling test can be added.


Main Characteristics

1. The magnetization of different parts of the same sample can be measured.
2. High measurement sensitivity, good stability, low noise.
3. Non-contact measurement, it is a non-destructive measurement.
4. Wedge-shaped magnetic thin films with varying thickness of the same sample can be measured.
5. The sample can be measured placed in a vacuum in-situ.


Technical Parameter

1. Kerr angle resolution: 0.001 degrees.
2. Ellipsometry resolution: 0.1%.
3. Minimum light spot: 10 microns.
4. Maximum magnetic field: single-dimension 0.26 Tesla.
5. Sample electric angle step 0.1 degrees, manual displacement step 10 microns.
6. Noise: 1%.

Low Temperature Option

1. Temperature range: 100K ~ 300K.
2. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.01 ℃.
3. Cooling time: 30 min to 100K.
4. Heating rate: 0. 01 ~ 30 ℃ / min.
5. Sample is in vacuum environment.
6. K9 glass optical window, minimizing magneto-induced optical rotation.




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