DX-360 Three Dimensional Gauss Meter

The DX-360 three-channel gauss meter is the world's most advanced Gauss meter; High resolution (0.1mG 10nT), high precision (±0.05%), high frequency (0-100KHz), probe temperature range (-269-200°C);The SVGA display can simultaneously or optionally display a variety of different measurement values for each channel: magnetic field density, frequency, temperature, angle, maximum, minimum, date, time.


DX-360 Intelligent Digital Gauss / Tesla meter is the world's advanced Gauss meter, applied the latest technology of magnetic field measurement. The panel is very easy to operate, has a very good man-machine communication interface. The screen has a large VGA display, can display all the required information, and choose whether to display. All options can be achieved through the operation button on the panel. VGA display can simultaneously or optionally display a variety of different measurements of each channel: magnetic field density, frequency, temperature, maximum value, minimum value, the peak, valley, date, time. DX-360 has the function of vector overlay. It could choose three axis Gauss meter probe. Its main characters are high resolution ( 0.1mG 10nT ), high precision ( + 0.15%), VGA large screen high speed display, simultaneous measurement of temperature and frequency efficiency, automatic zero, automatic measurement, automatic acquisition of maximum value, minimum value, the peak, valley, vector superposition value, angle and real-time graphic display of test results. It provides a variety of display units: Gauss, Tesla, Oe, A / m; RS-232 interface or IEEE485 interface, large capacity and real-time data output and multiple communication mode, and high precision analog output. It is the best choice for scientific research institutions and aerospace.

DX-360 Intelligent Digital Three Dimensional Gauss / Tesla Meter


5 ¾-bit resolution on VGA color panel Automically capture max./min.value
Easy use menu driven mode Relative mode,grafical display of real-time measurement
vector superposition measured value and angle Auto-zero, automatic/manual range
Probe Auto Calibration / Auto Memory operation mode / Probe temperature compensation IEEE-485 or RS-232 interface
Automatic zero, temperature compensation Date,Time and Brightness setting
dozens of optional square or circular probes High capacity for data storage
Automaticly identified probe codfficient and numbers Threshold alarm filter
Optional units: Gauss, Tesla, Oe, A / m Data reading, the operation mode of memory


Model-360 Specifications
Range    3G (300µT)/ 300G (30mT)/ 3kG/(300mT)                                                              /30kG (3T) /100kG/(10T)
Resolution  0.1mG(10nT)
Accuracy (display value)  One dimensional DC ±0.05% of reading , ±0.005% of range
Three dimensional DC ±0.15% of reading , ±0.005% of range
AC ±1% of reading , ±0. 5% of range
Frequency Range  DC mode DC
AC mode 20Hz to 30kHz
Frequency display range DC to 25kHz
Analog Output (x,y,x) Output Voltage ±3V F.S.
Connectors Standard BNC
Additional effects Temperature Coefficient ±(0.015% ±1 count)/ ºC
Temperature range  Working temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
Storage temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Panel Display VGA,800 x 480 Pixel, 7” color screen
Communication Interface RS-232       Standard 9-pin D-type connectors
IEEE-485   Standard 9-pin GPIB-type connectors
Supply power  Voltage: 100/120v  200/240v      Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Probes:three dimensional probe, two dimensional probe, uniaxial probe, transverse probe

DX-360 optional accessories

1. Test micro dynamic platform and probe fixed frame
2.3D drawing software: 3D angle collection, the 3D graph, graph drawing print.

Multi-dimensional magnetic measurement pictures

Picture 1: D plot of rectangular magnets




Picture2: D plot of elliptic magnets



Picture3: D plot of cylindrical magnets



Picture4: D plot of circular magnets



Picture5: D plot of multipole ring magnets



Picture6: Magnets 3 D distribution vector diagram






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