DX-105B Dual Channel Gaussmeter

DX-105B dual-channel gaussmeter is suitable for weak magnetic field measurements. Different probes can be selected to match the corresponding test range. The product adopts DSP technology design, the measurement accuracy can reach 1.0%±0.003Gs; the range: -20Gs~20Gs (200Gs/200Gs/20000Gs optional); accuracy: 1.0%±0.003Gs; resolution: 1mGs (0.1Gs/) 1Gs/10GS); input voltage: 220V 50Hz.

The DX-105B dual-channel Gauss meter is a digital Gauss meter that adds new features based on user needs. It is suitable for weak magnetic field measurement and can be selected with different probes to match the corresponding test range. The product adopts DSP technology design, the measurement accuracy can reach 1.0%±0.003Gs, and it has peak lock and pre-value judgment comparison function; it can be stored by single machine or computer control, can store data and save data; function and interface are user-friendly, easy to operate It is very suitable for production manufacturers to carry out sample testing and screening of pipelines for quality judgment or product classification of incoming materials.
The DX-105B dual-channel gauss meter can be customized and expanded according to the user's sample requirements.

● With external signal trigger peak lock function;
● It has the function of outputting test data (current value, maximum value, maximum value);
● Has the function of comparing with the pre-value judgment;
● With judgment signal and digital output function;
● 4000 measurement data can be saved in the device;
● Connected to the computer via the RS-232 serial interface, the software on the computer can control the device and save the data;

Scope of application:
● weak magnetic field measurement;
● The magnetic field distribution of the surface space of the permanent magnet material (that is, what we usually call measurement magnetism);
● a gap magnetic field in the magnetic circuit structure;
● A magnetic field generated by a device that extracts a ferromagnetic material by a permanent magnet or an alternating current or a direct current (for example, a separator, a magnetic separator, a magnetic chuck, an electromagnet, a demagnetizer);
● Detection and screening of pipeline samples;
● Quality judgment and grading of purchased incoming materials;

Main Specifications:
1. Input voltage: 220V/2A 50Hz.
2. Range: -20Gs~20Gs (200Gs/200Gs/20000Gs optional)
3. Accuracy: 1.0% ± 0.003Gs, resolution 0.001Gs (corresponding to 20Gs range)
4. Discrimination: 1mGs (0.1Gs/1Gs/10GS)
5. Magnetic field to be measured: weak magnetic field, DC magnetic field (static magnetic field)
6. Function description: With external signal trigger peak lock function.
Has the function of outputting test data (current value, maximum value, maximum value).
Has a comparison function with the pre-value judgment.
It has a judgment signal and a digital output function.
4000 measurement data can be saved in the device.
Connected to a computer via an RS-232 serial interface, the software on the computer can control the device and save data.
7. Dimensions: 285mm (L) × 300mm (W) × 100mm (H)
8. Instrument weight: 3kg
9. Display mode: LCD
10. Display unit: Gs

Probe options:



Software interface:



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