DX-103 Gauss Meter

DX-103 gaussmeter is used to measure the magnetic induction intensity of various magnetic fields such as AC and DC magnetic field, radiation magnetic field, residual magnetism, earth magnetic field, etc.; Range: 200.0mT, 2000mT two gears; Minimum resolution: 0.01mT (0.1Gs); Power supply: 220V±20V/0.5A, 50Hz; Dimension: 248mm × 180mm × 90mm.


DX-103 Gaussmeter is a desktop gaussmeter.
Which is based on he latest progress of the the Hall Effect magnetic field measuring instrument .
Adapt the high stability constant current source circuit technology to design and manufacture.
Test probes adapt imported GaAs linear Hall-chip, the difference between probes is small,
which can be replaced directly when it is damaged, and is an ideal AC & DC magnetic field test instrument.


1. DC and AC magnetic field measurement and peak value measurement;
2. DC and AC magnetic field distribution measurement;
3. The magnetizing measurement of the permanent magnets;
4. The magnetic field distribution measurement inside the AC and DC coils;
5. The air gap magnetic field measurement of electromagnets;
6. Normal DC and AC magnetic field measurement.


1. Direct reading of magnetic field;
2. DC and AC magnetic polarity judgement;
3. Calibration function for probe change;
4. mT/Gs unit switch;
5. AC/DC magnetic field conversion;
6. Magneic field peaking value locking and unlocking; 
7. Simulation output for customers’ expanding.


1. Power supply: 220V ± 20V/0.5A, 50Hz
2. Range: 200.0mT, 2000mT two gears
3. Accuracy: better than 1.0% (0 ~ ±1000mT); better than 2.0% (1000mT ~ ±2000mT);
4. DC/AC field measurement and peak vlaue locking
5. Minimum resolution: 0.01mT (0.1Gs)
6. Dimension: 248mm × 180mm × 90mm
7. Weight: 2kg

Probe options:


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