DX-102A Portable Gauss Meter

DX-102A is a portable AC and DC gaussmeter used for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnets and the working magnetic field of DC motor and magnetic separators. DC Measurement Range: 30kG, 3kG, 300G; AC Measurement Range: 3Kg, 300G; Dimension: L173*W91*T42mm

DX-102A can display N/S, with the high resolution of 0.1G, it can be used for detecting the residual magnetic of machining, the remanence of work-piece and controlling the magnetic situation of plating materials, also detecting the magnetism of motors. With AC measurement function, it can be applied for detecting AC space magnetic field distribution.


· Portable, convenient to handle and store, for on site measurement
· Automatically shut down time can be set, continuously use for more · than 30 hours (turn off back-light)
· DC/AC magnetic field
· DC/AC maximum value hold
· DC field polarity judge function
· Probe automatic zero
· Units: G, T, Oe, A/m
· Transverse probe/ axial probe with independent calibration value

Technical parameters:

Power four AA batteries (alkaline battery is recommended)
Display 3¾digital LCD display
DC Measurement Range: 30kG, 3kG, 300G
Resolution: 10G, 1G, 0.1G
Accuracy: (2%of reading +0.1%of range)
  (B<20kG, probe temperature15-35℃)
Temperature coefficient: Maximum ±(0.06% of reading+0.01G)/℃
  probe temperature 15-35℃
Display update rate: 2.5 rgd/s
AC Measurement Range: 3Kg, 300G
Resolution: 1G, 0.1G
Bandwidth: 10Hz-10kHz (sine magnetic field)
Accuracy: ±(5%of reading +0.2%of range)
  (effective range, 1kHz sine magnetic field)
Effective measurement range >0.33%range
Rated measurement range >1%range
Zero deviation : <0.2%range
Temperature coefficient: Maximum ±(0.06%of reading)/℃
  probe temperature 15-35℃
Display update rate: 2.5 rgd/s
Application Environment Instrument: 15-35℃(rated accuracy)
  35-45℃ (accuracy reduced by 0.2%)
Probe: 15-35℃ (rated accuracy)
  35-45℃(accuracy reduced by 1%)
Humidity: 35~75%
Interface: 5-core probe socket
Dimension: L173*W91*T42mm


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